Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers typically burn wood pellets which are clean, dry and dust free. They are delivered on a lorry more akin to a tanker than one used for delivering logs for a log burning stove.

The pellets are piped in to the storage container, a delivery might last a month in the winter and three months in the summer. 10 tonnes is sufficient for perhaps a month and requires a storage area no greater than 5m x 3m x 3m easily absorbed at a hotel or golf club for example.

The modern boilers create no smoke and on a very still day possibly a slight smell of burning wood but otherwise are very unobtrusive

The amount of ash produced from burning the wood chips is almost negligible and certainly does not create a large problem to dispose of. (The potash can be mixed in with compost and spread on your land.)

The boiler in a biomass system is feed automatically from a hopper which is topped up automatically as and when required.

Maintenance is minimal.

Sullivan Projects work with Austrian company Hargassner a world leader in this technology.

Government Support

Many biomass schemes have been installed with the help of the Government Scheme RHI which offers a financial incentive to the installer. As part of the Sullivan Projects service we will help you make sense of the paperwork. The Government has committed to support these schemes to 31st March 2021 but as with any Government scheme it is wise to move quickly to avoid disappointment.