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Moxhull Hall stands in rolling countryside a couple of miles from Sutton Coldfield and had for years relied upon oil fired boilers for heating and hot water. Initially they were sceptical about how replacing their tried and tested oil burning boilers would compare to a biomass system.

After more than a years service their main comment centred around, they wished that they had made the change sooner.

The boilers are clean (no smoke), require very little maintenance as they are fed via a hopper automatically. The amount of ash left over is minimal.

After more than a years service their main comment centred around, they wished that they had made the change sooner.

The fuel storage area which is not huge can take about 10 tonnes which will typically last around a month in the winter and several months in the summer.

The wood pellets are dry and flow like a fluid. The wood is nothing like what householders typically feed in to a log burning stove. The pellets look more like some healthy breakfast cereal.


The boiler system requires slightly more space than oil fired boilers.

The fuel storage requires more space than oil but not a huge amount. If you have room for a small steel shipping container 20 x 8 x 8 (feet) then that could be capable of containing the boiler system and fuel storage for a system similar to Moxhull Hall.

The fuel comes on a lorry which needs to be able to reverse back to the storage area. Connect the pipe to transfer the pellets which are pumped as with an oil system

The hot water can be piped several hundred yards to a heat exchanger where the energy can be transferred to your existing pipework. It is important to understand that what is being changed is the source of the heat. All your existing plumbing remains in place.

If you have expensive and inefficient electric heating in part of your premises this is a good time to upgrade and save money.

Other side benefits. Theft of heating oil is not uncommon – whilst one could steal wood chips they are nowhere near as easy to steal.

No need to have a retaining wall to keep your fuel from leaking in to any nearby water courses.


Sounds too good to be true!

The Government is keen to promote the use of biomass fuel for heating and is offering incentives to encourage its take up. You can rely upon us to help fill in the paperwork. These biomass schemes have a pay back period measured in a few years. Consequently investors looking for a return are very keen to back these schemes. As part of the package we can provide finance for your project.

For more details and a feasibility study please call 01562 881 460 out of office hours please use our contact form and we will call you back.

Why is not everyone switching?

Not every location lends itself to having a biomass boiler system and there logistical issues to consider, however you can be assured that you are in good hands. Between us and are partners we have 1200 working installations throughout the UK.

Deliveries of Biomass Fuel

Receiving a delivery of pellets take less than an hour from the lorry coming on to site. Hooking up the delivery pipe to the fuel store to leaving. This is no more difficult than receiving heating oil or similar.

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