Energy Audit

Energy Audit The first step in reducing energy consumption is to fully understand how much energy is being consumed. This will indentify opportunities for reducing consumption, recycling waste energy, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Switching from using electric heating such as fan heaters and bar heaters in favour of hot water heated by a biomass boiler will help save money.

In the next 20-years it is highly likely that the Climate Change Levy (CCL) – a government tax on all UK businesses who use electricity will increase.

Many users have found that there charges for Electricity, and Gas are going up in addition to heating oil or kerosene.

These likely increases in the next 20-years make using renewable resources even more attractive financially as well tapping in to the proposition that all businesses should try and reduce their carbon emissions.

Carrots & Sticks*…

Currently the Government is offering carrots to encourage the installation of biomass boilers – but those are scheduled to expire 31st March 2021, then one guess what will be coming.

Like many costs in life people tend to think that the electric bill is something which just has to be paid along with the heating oil, but by acting now and being proactive it is possible to reduce your costs. 

Turnkey Solution

The Sullivan Projects method of working is:-

  • Feasibility Study
  • Proposal
  • Project Manage The Whole Project Through To Completion and Commissioning.

The benefit of this approach. You do not have to become an expert in any part of the installation. With decades of experience in project management we have seen it all, leave us to deliver your project on time and to budget.

Feasibility Study

First step is a feasibility to scope out the possibilities, please ring 01562 881 460, or use our contact form and we will call you back.

* – Climate Change Levy (CCL) is just one of the sticks

CCL Current Rates You do not need a phd in maths to see that the rate is rising far faster than inflation.

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